UNI Mail Screening Room: Gossip/The Eight Trigrams (八卦)

UNI Mail Screening Room: Gossip/The Eight Trigrams (八卦)


About the Film Gossip/The Eight Trigrams:

Director: Huang Xiang

Orig. Title: Ba Gua (八卦)

Producer Countries / Regions: Mainland China

Language: Chinese (Chinese & English Subtitles)

Film Type: Experimental

Duration: 80 minutes

Release Date: 2015-11-02


A tired steel worker listens as her colleagues’ gossip. After a while, she escapes into the lush, flower-filled meadows of her imagination. The eight trigrams of the title refer to a traditional practice of fortune-telling in China. When the expression eight trigrams occurs nowadays, it means chitchat. Huang Xiang questions the relationship between illusion and reality. Universal order or idle talk? All a question of perspective.

About the Director:

Huang Xiang, born in 1970s, at Leizhou Peninsula, P. R. China
Artist and independent film director
Living in Beijing

Bio-filmography of Director:
2012, "烤鸡 Roast Chicken"
2013, "
玉门 Yumen " (Joint Works)
2015, "
八卦Gossip "

Exhibitions & Awards (excerpt):

Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

Whitney Biennial 2014 Chinese Realities Series, MoMA 

Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) 2014 Asian Vision Competition Grand Prize & Chinese Documentary Award Grand Prize

Beijing Independent Film Festival 2013 - Best Experimental Film Award 

Winner, Special Jury Award, FICUNAM

Winner, Special Jury Award, Split Film Festival  

RIDM (Recontres Internationale Documentaire Montreal) 2014 

San Diego Asian Film Festival

China Independent Film Festival

Show time: October 15 18: 00-20: 00
Location: Uni-Mail, 40 Bd du Pont-d'Arve, Geneva
Process: Viewing + Enjoy a simple cheese fondue (free, registration required)
Contact: 0786779881 (Miss Bian)